Three-EpiphaniesLife can be and often is a pattern of waking up, hours of activity and sleeping, but every now and then we wake up to a life changing thought.   From one perspective, it’s fantastic that we can wake up everyday with energy and power down at night to recharge again…if we’re so lucky.  But we all know that life is more than sleeping and waking and filling hours in between.  Something deep inside of us seems to urge for more; something that makes a difference in our lives.

If you’re very lucky and consciously living, you’ll experience many awakenings that change the way you live.  The three I’ll uncover today are more life altering than others in my experience.  They are in no particular order of importance.  See how many you can check off or aspire to reach.

1. How much do I know/how much does anyone know?

Epiphanies are sudden realizations.  They are ideas, answers, but they are also questions.  They are questions, that when asked, create a shift that you can feel undoing limiting beliefs.   These two questions, question almost everything and everyone.  Sometimes we’ve reached a certain age or level of maturity or graduated from higher educational institutions and we believe our wisdom and knowledge to be great.  Or we’ve had children, we’ve traveled,  we are well read, or we’ve learned how the world works first hand and we begin to think ” I know what’s what.”  We may admit, that we can’t know everything, but seldom do we question what we or anyone already “knows” to be true.

In most cases, doubt is usually something we want to avoid because of the negative connotations, but here, doubt is a useful tool!  Thinking we know the answers or know about a topic, person or thing completely closes us off to a wealth of yet undiscovered knowledge.

Here are a few instances of beliefs that were later found to be limiting.

When scientists believed they uncovered the largest dinosaur’s fossils, years later, they found some that are even larger.  And it’s as though a whole world of possibilities reopens.  Everyone tells us that you have to work hard to make money and find success, but later many of us learned that youtubers record themselves playing games, gain celebrity status and earn their wealth doing very little.  Last year, many of us knew who our friends were and didn’t mind that they didn’t all click.  The belief being, these are your best friends.  But this year,  you may have people who bond with you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Irrawady-dolphin1We can learn things that are later negated or have holes in them the size of the grand canyon!  Our ignorance can be staggering.  I mean, seriously, have you ever heard of an Irrawaddy dolphin?!  ( I dare you to look up animals you never knew existed.)  Not much of our learning is set in stone.  (Except math or so I’ve heard.  I’m not really that good at math. ;P ) And the limiting rules, standards, answers, etc that others put on life, aren’t necessarily true.

The next time you hear a limiting thought or belief, think to yourself, “What do you know?”

What makes this such a great epiphany is that a better answer to your problems can still exist; there are more possibilities than we know.

2. This is my gift!

I don’t believe that we all only get one gift or that there is only one path for us in life.  But realizing that there is some special quality within you that shines brightly, can be so rewarding.  It can be the lantern you hold to light your way.  I remember years of feeling aimless and carrying all the other emotions that tag along.  I remember the vagueness of partially seeing or feeling that I was more.  But like so many of us, I couldn’t quite cut through the fog and it was disheartening and frustrating.  So when you finally have this epiphany, it’s almost undeniable and irreversibly motivating.  It demands your attention.

Beware that it does not demand that it is the answer to your career or solving your problems.  It may be that it is the answer to those things, but I believe that our gifts are our souls’ joy and purpose.  And that is so much deeper.

Your gifts are your strengths. They can play to your passion and your dreams.  But they are often what sets you apart or what makes you happy.  They don’t need to be unique, but they need to be special to you.

Realizing what is your most special gift or ability can lead you to discovering a life filled with following your life’s passion.  And that is definitely life changing!

3.  This isn’t fair and I can make it right.

This may be my most favorite epiphany of all!  This one encourages, resolution, decency, and empathy for humanity.  There is so much potential power and change in this epiphany.

Has anyone ever told you that life isn’t fair?  Well that’s true sometimes :-( , but my thoughts after hearing this were always, “But you can make it fair.  It can be if you tried.”  Sometimes we carry on with our lives blind to certain injustices.   But the day when you realize that something isn’t okay and you’re going to do something about it, is the day when you find your potential for powerful change.  I can only hope that your epiphany is morally clear and does no further harm, because this epiphany can make you brave, empowered and unstoppable.  This is the one that is life changing and can change the world!

In many ways, all of these epiphanies can change the world.  I hope that you discover the truth to this.

How do you find your life changing epiphany?  Well the fun of epiphanies are that they’re like surprises.  They suddenly happen, much like an unexpected wonderful gift.  But there are a few ways that you can make it more likely that you’re there and ready for it to happen.

  • Practice self awareness and self reflection
  • Listen and look carefully
  • Be open to new things/ideas/possiblities
  • Expand your education, read more, learn more

What does your highest self, your inner wisdom, your spirit say about the epiphanies that can be life changing?  Close your eyes and ask it.  Maybe you’ll have another!

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