30-questions-Stress-blogWhen you’re feeling stressed out, isn’t it just the hardest funk to get out of?!  Try not to think about feeling stressed and what pops up…that stressful thought.  Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) teaches us that when we try to not focus on something, our brains can’t help but to focus on that very thing.

For instance, try to not focus on the image or thought of a pink elephant…  Odds are, that pink elephant popped up.  NLP is largely about using your brain/ your thoughts in more effective ways.

So how can you make your mind work for you instead of against you when you’re feeling stressed out?

As an NLP Coach, spiritual guide and sometimes stressed out female, I created 30 questions to ask yourself when you notice that you’re feeling overwhelmed and down.  The purpose of these questions are to shift your focus to thoughts that lead to solutions and positive self reflection.

  • Choose the questions that apply to your situation the best.
  • Treat these as more than yes or no questions.
  • Write out your answers or simply give yourself time to find an answer within you.
  • Follow through with answers that lead to you feeling more at ease in your life.

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