Romantic Sexy Ideas
There’s a TON of ideas for what men can can to romance their ladies.  And I’m all for it!  It’s great to have romantic or sexy attention from my special guy.  Let’s face it, sometimes our boyfriends and husbands need a little help getting creative or just knowing some simple seductive tips.  But most of the romantic ideas I found online were all geared towards pleasing women.  And I just don’t think that’s very fair.  Men enjoy romantic ideas and sexy ideas just as much as women do.  It’s a sign of love from our significant other and makes relationships more fulfilling.

Yes, for many years, women were expected to believe that their purpose was to please their men and forgo their own needs.  But I believe that many of us now have relationships where we feel like equals, I hope.  Those healthy, positive, and loving relationships inspire us to give our partners what they need.  Yet so many resources online, don’t address the needs of men to have romance in their lives.  Or some articles don’t appreciate that men in same sex relationships want romance too.

I created a list of both romantic ideas and sexy ideas with a man’s needs in mind. (With the help of ideas from other men.)

Romancing your man will ultimately lead to romancing yourself.  So it’s win win!  Most importantly,  having more positive sensual experiences is so essential to a happy relationship and your own balanced well being.

Personally, I like the idea of feeling surprised and looking forward to doing something random and fun.  So pulling ideas from a cute jar you create, can make romance and sexiness an even more fun and personalized activity.  Some of these romantic ideas are traditionally for women, but men love them too.  And other ideas are more tailored towards what men enjoy.  Some are slightly risque and some are simply sweet, but all are enjoyable.  Choose what works for you below and have fun!


31 Romantic & Sexy Ideas in a Jar

What you’ll need:

A clear jar

Sheets of paper (any color)

Something to write with

Decorations (glitter & glue, paint, cut out images)

A scent that turns you on


Clean your jar and hold it close to you.  Imagine it filling with feelings of desire pouring from you.  Decorate your jar any way you wish.  The goal is to have it looking so special that each time you see it and reach for it, you will instantly feel excited!  And anticipation for romance and sexiness will grow with each use!

Decorate the interior or exterior of the jar with glitter, paint, or pictures of things that turn you on.

Spray your papers or the inside of the jar with your special sensual scent and allow it to dry.

Cut your paper into small squares or rectangles.  Make sure there’s enough space on the paper to write on.  Use the list below to write my Romantic /Sexy Ideas on your pieces of paper.  Deliberately write with loving clear strokes or romantic lettering.

Place the written ideas into the jar.  Breathe in that special scent.  Then choose one randomly from the jar each day for the month or anytime you want to treat that special man in your life.


Romantic Ideas

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