About Myself

SimplySteppingProfileMy name is Melissa and just like seeing the flower beyond the weed, I have a gift for seeing beyond the negative perspectives that weigh down your life.

I heal others by guiding them to their own inner wisdom.  And I love being a kind, compassionate source for people who need it the most!   

My work with families overcoming obstacles such as poverty, mental/physical disorders, facing burdens alone, domestic violence, living in dangerous communities and all the stress of raising a family, helped me understand how vital it is to support others by helping them support themselves.

 My job as a former Family Support Worker and My Current Life’s Work as a Spiritual/Emotional Guide has been about and always will be about connecting people to their inner most strength and positivity.

With my knowledge of Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I offer Affordable Sessions to reprogram thinking so that it works for you!  I can’t wait to help Lift your Spirit, Create Clarity, and Clear the Way for Positive Powerful Change!

I’m so  excited to Welcome Everyone to Simply Stepping!