About Simply Stepping

Simply Stepping was created because I believe that we are all on unique and special paths and guidance helps us step on those paths with grace.  I learned that there is no singular best path, rather our lives hold before us several paths or directions like a map for our life’s journey.

Just as overwhelming as it to know how immense our Universe is to how small we are within it, so too can we feel overwhelmed by the almost endless connecting paths of our lives and our choices to walk them.

We are Energetic Beings containing light and dark thoughts and emotions.who-i-am

Just like a nebula forming new stars with light and dark energy, crashing and flowing together.

Simply Stepping your first step on whichever path you choose, can make the difference between standing still in life and moving along on your journey.

It’s my hope that here you can find  support and guidance along the way.

Simply Stepping offers simple free solutions and steps that will potentially turn up the light on dimmed pathways.  I also offer affordable one on one sessions and am happy to personally offer my direct support.

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Melissa : (646)858-0378