cozywinterpineAh Winter is here or just around the bend.  For some of us, it’s more like “Nooo, Winter is here!”  For those people, they can almost hear the windshield ice scraper cackling somewhere in storage.  Or they’re getting flashbacks of the awful dirty snow filled commute.  Well my dear reader, I can think of no better season that needs some cozy pick me ups and I’m here for ya! 😉  Just think of me as the moment when those little hand warmers finally start getting warm.

I want to share with you some of the things I do to keep cozy in the Winter, both inside and out.  Some of these are obvious, but it sure does feel toasty inside just thinking about them.  And you know what, that’s what being cozy really is; just how yummy and warm we feel in our hearts and souls.

While I want to list some things that will physically keep you cozy this Winter, I also want to mention a few inner cozy ideas.  Because especially around this time, as beings connected spiritually to our earth, our bodies and minds are affected by our time(or lack of time) with sunshine.  So rather than focus on the half empty feeling so many may feel  due to earlier sunsets, let’s turn on the light inside. (No, not just literally) 😉

15 Cozy Winter Ideas

  1. Cozy up with pets!  They know how to enjoy some serious nap time!  Watch them sleep or pet their fur.
  2. If you don’t have a pet, visit an animal shelter, cat parlor, or pet store where you can find animals to adopt.  You may bring home a little Winter surprise.
  3. Get an ambient sound app or machine.  They have cozy Winters sounds like fireplaces crackling and even purring sounds for those of you allergic to pets.
  4. Use your imagination for a staycation.  Get your ambient sound app or machine going and imagine yourself on the beach with sounds of crashing waves or in a cozy cabin with the sound of owls.
  5. Change your computer display to the picture of a fireplace or find other photos online to make a Winter Background.  I have a picture of a cat by the fireplace and another of a cup of hot cocoa!
  6. Someone say hot cocoa??!! Yes!  It may be sugary, but it really warms you in more than one way.  Pack it in a special thermos and take it to work.
  7. Buy extra candles or tea lights at your 99 Cent store or splurge on healthier for you beeswax candles.  Never leave unattended, though why would you leave them when you can gaze at their glow? For extra Holiday coziness, get pine and holly berry scented soy wax melts!
  8. Put all your Winter hats and mittens in a basket near your front door.
  9. Bundle up and go outside for a walk in the daytime at least once a week to get some much needed natural sunlight.  Too cold to go out? Get a full spectrum light bulb.
  10. Wrap or hang warm white light string lights in your bedroom, hallway or any place you spend the most time in.  If you can, have them set to a timer to turn on when the sunsets or when you come home.
  11. Make more food with your oven. (Lucky for us,that includes meat loafs and pot pies!)  Ovens have a magical way of warming up our hearts and well, literally our homes. Stoves can be great too for making hearty soups and yummy hot pots!
  12. Get yourself a fuzzy throw and bring out the flannel blankets.  Splurge on this one, it’s definitely worth it.  But cheaper throws are just as cozy.
  13. Puzzle or play board games by candle light.
  14. Always have a warm pair of slipper or socks; maybe even a special fuzzy robe just for you during the Winter.
  15. Lastly, curl up in bed and give yourself some well deserved me time with a good book or magazine.( Maybe a steamy Holiday themed novel.) Turn on a rerun or favorite Holiday movie and take advantage of having the excuse that it’s too cold to go outside. 😀

*5 Bonus Cozy Winter Ideas in Warm Locations*

  1. Mix chili pepper lights with Icicle lights! Hang then from the ceiling in your hallway or entryway.
  2. Bring the scent of real pine into the home with real pine wreaths and garlands.
  3. Place sparkling white cotton snow blankets on side tables, dressers, TV stands, or shelves.  Make green paper cones to make a paper cone forest. * Great way to hide trinkets for a holiday countdown*
  4. Change photos in picture frames to Winter landscapes or favorite Holiday movie scenes!  One of my favorites to frame is Clark/Sparky looking into a Christmas tree for a certain “Squirrel!”
  5. Take advantage of little snowfall or slightly warmer nights with a camp out in the yard.  Add blankets and smores and enjoy!

    My Little Paper Cone Forest

I hope you enjoy these Simple Steps to soak up the Season! 

What does your highest self, your inner wisdom, and spirit say about this time of year?  Mine says, “Pamper yourself and just relax.  This is nature’s way for us all to rejuvenate come Spring time.”