Feeling Balanced


We can sense and are driven to respond to shifts that sometimes cause imbalance in our lives.  It’s natural and necessary to readjust.  Just like trees change with the seasons to survive and birds build their nests to nurture their young, the instinct to create balance is also within us!


Chakra Balancing Steps        Cost:$3.00 Each

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Choose the statements that are most similar to what is feeling out of balance in your life. Check all that apply.

 I'm feeling Not Grounded, Worried, Financially Unstable I'm feeling Numb, Distant, Lack of Passion I'm feeling Afraid, Not Confident, Powerless I'm feeling Cold Hearted, Angry, Hateful I'm feeling Quiet, Suppressed, Dishonest I'm feeling Naive, Cloudy, Unclear I'm feeling Lost, Spiritually Disconnected, Gloomy