Feeling Balanced

Feeling-Balanced-ShopCost: $2 Each or $14 Bundle

My Feeling Balanced Suggestions are Lists divided into 7 different areas of your life.

They are color coded by energy chakras and are suggestions specific to the areas you want more balanced.

It’s obvious when something isn’t feeling right in our lives.

It’s natural and necessary to readjust.

Just like trees change with the seasons to survive and birds build their nests to nurture their young, the instinct to create balance is also within us!

Balancing the different energy centers in your body can made all the difference!  

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How it Works:

Choose which areas below relate to your current situation.

Choose one or several or all and they will be added to your total cost.

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Within the week, you will receive your balancing steps.  They are suggestions compiled into simple and balancing lists.  Buy them individually or as a set to create harmony throughout!

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Choose the statements that are most similar to what is feeling out of balance in your life. Check all that apply.

 1)I'm feeling Not Grounded, Worried, Financially Unstable 2)I'm feeling Numb, Distant, Lack of Passion 3)I'm feeling Afraid, Not Confident, Powerless 4)I'm feeling Cold Hearted, Angry, Hateful 5)I'm feeling Quiet, Suppressed, Dishonest 6)I'm feeling Naive, Cloudy, Unclear 7)I'm feeling Lost, Spiritually Disconnected, Gloomy