My favorite season is Autumn. (It used to be Spring, but it’s almost non existent now. Thanks Global Warming :P)  I’ll admit,  I didn’t always love Autumn.  At first it meant back to school, and the pressures that go along with that, and following a routine that reminded me that Summer’s over and now a memory.  For some, this is still a reality if you have children or still attend school or just miss days at the beach.  It’s an easy time to get a little down because as human beings, more connected than we know, we can naturally sense that darkness and coldness is approaching.  And anticipating this experience in our world can make life feel that much more uncomfortable and harder to handle.

That’s why I love embracing our different seasons!  They show us how adaptable we are and give us the chance to make the best of our place in nature.

 Autumn opens us to the magic of Earth in a way that’s grounding and experienced by connecting even more to the shifts and changes in nature.

During my childhood, my mother embraced thanking and worshiping Mother Earth.  Because of that, I always felt the most connected to my spirit and a certain unique magic that Earth reveals throughout Autumn.   I want to share with you the ways you can feel that magic too.  So come with me into my realm.

Begin with your basics

  • Spend time outside because it’s harder to connect to nature when there are walls between you
  • Notice the scent of the fallen leaves and the crushed seeds on the ground
  • Recognize how alive nature is right now, changing its colors, attempting to create new life with its seeds
  • Spend a few minutes really noticing the colors of the leaves. Bring a few inside, wash them and really admire that nature created that color; in that pattern, in that design.
  • Listen to the crunch of your footsteps on the leaves(this one’s just fun :D)
  • If you haven’t already(Mom would not approve, it’s getting a bit chilly!), wrap yourself in a cozy coat or extra layer and recognize this opportunity to give yourself a little extra attention in this way.

Enjoying Autumn

  • Make a list of trees with their names and different shaped leaves printed out and ready to go on a hunt for them in the park.  Take pictures and see how many you can identify. For a bonus, search for Mugwort.  It’s known to create vivid dreams when tucked under or within a pillow.
  • Eat the season!  I love going to the market and finding typical fruits and vegetables that go hand in hand with Autumn.  Eat apples, roast corn on the cob, eat pumpkin seeds, make a big pot of mashed sweet potatoes.  And remember the work of farmers and how your food grows from the soil of the Earth.
  • Take a trip to go pumpkin or apple picking.  You can find lots of family friendly farms like this just doing a quick online search.
  • Visit fall festivals at farms! They’re the best and the goats there love eating corn out of your hands!
  • Bring the colors of Fall inside.  I love hanging faux foliage garlands where I can see the beautiful oranges and red shades inside.  Place pumpkins around and lanterns for that glow.  This reminds me of a time when harvesting farmers were more aware of this Season’s darkness and didn’t have the convenience of electricity.

Embracing the Magic


Create an Autumn ritual that connects you to your spirit:


  • If you feel a kindred connection to the Moon, spend time outside or near a window following your favorite lunar phase.  Whisper to it your secrets, deepest wish, or ask for protection.  If possible, travel to a place most affected by the pull of the moon’s force, like the ocean. If you’re female, speak aloud that you embrace your cycle and womanhood with the moon.


  • Bathe in a witchy soup! This one is pretty fun and smells great!  Fill a tub, and pour a few drops of Neroli, Patchouli, and Sandalwood into the water. Neroli Oil is great for elevating moods, especially if you’re feeling a bit down.  Patchouli oil is used for calming and smells absolutely witchy, Sandalwood is considered holy in some religions, has an earthy scent and tames stress.  Play some medieval music in the background maybe add a  fizzy ball and you’ve got yourself in a witches brew! :)  * Those oils along with Jasmine oil are known to be aphrodisiacs. Bathing as a couple or simply wearing these scents can work like a love potion.*


  • My favorite part of the season is having fun with the idea of spells.  Light a small candle *Always be careful with open flames* like pink for love, black for safety, purple for spiritual power. (You can find candle guides for spells online.)  Write your intention on a small piece of paper, gaze into the candle holding that desire, then carefully light the corner of that paper with the flame while saying words like “As I will it, so it is.” And place it in a fireproof bowl or plate.  Make sure that fire is out and allow the candle to burn all the way down.  That’s candle magic!  It’s also reinforced positive affirmations. 😉


  • Form a circle with friends or a loved one to express gratitude, clearing and hope for this season.  I love doing this ritual because it reminds me of harvest.  In this ritual we verbally express how thankful we are for what we have.  It’s much like a harvest that gathers what was planted and grown to now enjoy and nourish us.  You may pass around an apple to share as each person verbally harvests.  Each person can then light a candle and express their hopes.  After this each person lights a small bundle of sage with their candle and carefully circles themselves with the clarifying smoke.


  • The most simple and gratifying way to celebrate Autumn is to feel its overwhelming presence outdoors and bring it within to center yourself.  Go outside on a chilly windy night or afternoon.  Find a tree, feel its roots, touch its bark and feel the cold earth through your feet if you can.  Bring home a leaf or even a small handful of dirt found near that tree.  Create a small alter for yourself where you can place your leaf and soil.  It can be as simple as a bowl you like with an object that calms you nearby. Take some time here to quietly ground yourself.

Autumn is special and unique in its own way.  Have fun finding the magic within!

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