ways-to-relax-unwindWe’ve all been there, too stressed to deal with anything.  It’s been a long day or things aren’t turning out the way you hoped.  Maybe you got some bad news today or have been dealing with something hard for a while now.  It could be as simple as the to do’s are piling up or as deep as the world’s got you down.

Whatever it is you’re stressing about, you absolutely need and deserve to unwind and relax.

1. A Warm bath

Not many things give such instant relief like a soak in the tub.

  • Add Epsom Salt/ Magnesium chips to warm water for a muscle relaxing soak.
  • Add Bentonite Clay powder for full body detox. Rehydrate after by drinking distilled water.
  • Add bubbles, essential oils, and bath fizzies  for a deliciously soft mental vacation scented me time.

2. Reach out for Like Minds online

If what’s stressing you is not being around people who you click with or people who understand you, reach out.  Hearing approval and agreement, feels great and helps settle our minds.   There are so many people in the world similar to us, who we just don’t know…yet.

  • Join online forums or support groups. Reddit is a great source of interactive forums.
  • Finding supportive people online to chat with can also help when your support system is small or just not helpful.  Reach out on social media or sites like Meetup
  • SimplyStepping.com offers online Direct Support through face to face sessions and online guidance !

3. Let it all out

Sometimes to relax we need to just clean house! We have to get it all out so whatever is bothering us doesn’t sit there, get piled onto, and cause us even more stress.

  • Write it out in a journal or a letter you never send.
  • Vent online or here at Simply Stepping
  • Scream it into a pillow or out loud where no one else can hear you

4. Couch Potato

Unwind with some of your favorite shows.  You know the kind that makes you laugh, has you glued to the TV, or just gives you a special feeling.  Give yourself permission to just zone out! Yeah you can do that!

  • Grab the remote and catch up on feel good old reruns
  • Binge on Netflix
  • Watch movies or TV shows that make you laugh

5. Unplug from the world

This one is worth it and you’ll feel the benefits almost immediately. If you’re overwhelmed by life’s demands, drama from your inner circles or just news you can do nothing about, it’s time to unplug.

  • Turn off your computer
  • Stop responding or posting to Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, texts or whatever you use that draws you into drama.
  • Turn off your phone. No, don’t just put it on vibrate. Off.  All the way.  Just for a few hours.  It’ll be fine.
  • Vacation to somewhere secluded
  • Reconnect with nature by enjoying the outdoors

6. Detach from the news

If you’re going from one news broadcast to the next online or on the TV, do yourself a big unwinding favor and stop watching.  The news is a great source of information, but it’s also a great source of stress from all over the world and locally.  Detaching from news sources from wherever you get yours, can lessen your stress about things you may have little power to change right this moment.

  • Quit checking the latest updates from CNN, Fox News or any other mainstream media news source
  • Only read the comic strip or uplifting articles in your newspaper
  • Take a break for a day from checking the news online

7. Satisfy your Senses

Relax and unwind by giving something to some of your favorite senses. There are so many possibilities and ways to uplift your spirit by giving your body what it loves.

  • Play or dance to fun/enjoyable music
  • Eat your favorite foods or just have dessert
  • Get a full body massage
  • Go barefoot in the grass
  • Listen to ambient relaxing sounds
  • Go to a museum and soak up the sights
  • Sunbathe or soak in the beach

8. Let your imagination take you away

Sometimes, nothing is more satisfying than letting your mind drift into a world that you prefer.  I don’t mean, go crazy and lose touch with reality.  I do mean enjoy the world your mind can create.

  • Read an engrossing book
  • Read a steamy romance novel or fantasy novel
  • Write a story where everything goes great for you
  • Play a video game or role playing game, as long as it doesn’t add to your stress

9. Have a Friends/Family Night

If your friends and family are a source of support and positivity, fully take advantage of that gift!

  • Go out for a guy’s night or girl’s night
  • Go to a friend’s party or family gathering
  • Take a vacation with your friends or family
  • Visit friends and family to just chat or hang out

10. Have fun & Play games

Playing games is a form of escapism and it’s also just plain fun!  Sometimes the best ways to unwind and relax involve taking your focus off of the stress to place your focus on fun.

  • Get those board games out
  • Join a gaming community online or in person
  • Play games on your gaming console and invite others to your gaming party
  • Go outside and play with friends
  • Play addictive FREE app game
  • Play a cooperative fantasy card game
  • Play with a pet
  • Go gambling (don’t go overboard)
  • Take a vacation (Go to Disney world!)

11. Get physical/healthy

Help your body release the stress it holds and your body will help your mind relax.

  • Exercise! It doesn’t have to be just going to the gym
  • Hula hoop
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Take a swim
  • Go for a walk
  • Make sure you’re getting the vitamins you need. Sometimes this alone can elevate your mood
  • Eat a healthy good for you meal
  • Meditate to calm your mind

12. Affirmations

Affirmations are so powerful because they’re positive thoughts.  When you’re stressed, you can list tons of negative thoughts and maybe one positive thought.  Affirmations can replace that negative thinking with positive thinking.

  • Go to Pinterest and look up affirmations
  • Louise Hay is probably the Queen of affirmations. Check our her books and site
  • SimplyStepping.com has an Affirmation Section with different categories. You can also Get  Personalized Affirmations for your specific needs

13. Collect

This one isn’t so obvious until you think about it.  It can be very stress relieving to focus on collecting simple things that bring you joy.

  • Retail therapy is real!  Go out and add to your collection of feel good belongings
  • Collect something that makes you happy like pins, stamps, comics , CATS!
  • Create a scrap book or add to your photo album.  Collect great memories!

14. Love

Last but not least, love reduces stress and helps us unwind from our most negative states.

  • Find a great boyfriend or girlfriend or just get out there and date
  • Have fun chatting with new people on dating websites
  • Ask someone you like or are in love with on a date, even if you’ve been together forever.  Maybe especially if you been together forever
  • Enjoy some pet love! Cuddle up with your furry friends.
  • Dance with your partner wherever you are
  • Turn to your partner for affection.  Get your Hugs and Kisses!!!
  • Is it time for sexy times? I think so…
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and adore who you are. Say I love you and support you!
  • Give yourself kind, loving encouraging words and feel the stress start to melt away

I Hope these Simple Steps are just what you needed to unwind!  You deserve it!

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