makeuplayersI can’t look at Pinterest make-up tips or some YouTube make-up channel without noticing  so many girls are starting to look like the same drag queen/fake celebrity look alike.  I’ll admit, that’s a pretty harsh and maybe too critical opinion, but it is  what I’m seeing lately.  I understand that for some, it’s just a make up preference or a way to feel more glamorous and beautiful.  Maybe you don’t cover yourself in layers every day, but maybe you do.   And if you are under those layers, it makes me wonder, what’s under there with you?  I can’t help but feel slightly concerned about what this means for these particular women and their self esteem.

This make-up trend of contouring, over lining your lips, having big fake eyelashes and 3 pounds of eyeliner plus eye shadow of course, when put together, seem to create the same clone.  It’s like a caricature of an old glam pin up.  Was that really the goal?

There’s almost no denying that this make up trend is an art form.  Definitely not high art you’d find at the museum next to the Mona Lisa.  Nonetheless, when someone spends up to an hour or more painting on and drawing on features, they are essentially using their faces as canvas.  And that can create a beautiful work of art, I don’t deny it.  I personally don’t see this as a black and white issue, but I’m saddened that maybe it’s covering a canvas you hope no one ever sees..  This style of make-up only hides you by transforming you into what you think is the current standard of beauty.  And how sad is it to know that your true face won’t get its chance because of that standard.


This is what baking used to mean.

This is most highlighted, no pun intended ;), by the use of highlighting, bronzing and contouring or baking your makeup.  Baking your make-up has been a makeup technique used by drag queens over the years.  While this has added more feminine features to males going for the drag look, for women it seems to detract from natural, often youthful, feminine features.

Obviously this is only my opinion, but naturally balanced make-up on females tend to bring out what is already there rather than creating more of what isn’t natural to you.  What a lot of women don’t realize is just how much this technique ages them and makes them look like men trying to look like women. :O Ouch, but yeah….don’t kill me! :)

It’s no surprise that faking things like stronger cheekbones, larger eyes, bigger lips or smaller noses often comes off as looking fake.  And face contouring or baking your make up creates an even more unnatural look.

Does your Make Up Technique Say Something about Your Self Image?

Nose Contouring

When a nose is contoured, it’s usually to make it smaller, more narrow and almost never to make it bigger.  What does this say about what we think a beautiful nose looks like?  Noses that are naturally that thin and small are usually do to a more European decent.  How can this be a standard for beauty when many women are not of European decent?  How can nose contouring help you embrace your ethnicity?  I believe, it’s the height of accepted dislike of your own racial roots to always contour your nose.  This is subtle self dislike and disapproval of who you are.  And the consequence, my dear readers goes beyond poor self image.  It can affect the way you see race and beauty.

Face Contouring

Even contouring to create a slimmer face is a form of poor body image.  If each time you look in your mirror to contour and reaffirm that you don’t like the roundness or extra fat you see there, then each day the love you have for your natural self decreases.  As much as this kind of make up technique may boost your confidence in the moment, it’s really just hiding the lack of confidence you may feel in regards to your natural looks.  If on some level this is true for you, then wearing that make up is like wearing a negative affirmation that says ” I don’t look beautiful without this.”  That’s the last thing I think anyone needs to say to themselves on a daily basis.  You don’t have to say it out loud, or even recognize that you think it before you contour.  But at some point, it’s likely that you thought, “Why look heavier in my face when I can look thinner.”  And that thought definitely has layers…

Below,  you’ll find just two ways that wearing make-up to drastically change your features can point to poor self image.  However, as I said before, it’s not a black and white issue.  For some people, contouring is just playing with make-up, over lining your lips is just having fun with the latest trend, getting your lashes done is just the fun way you pamper yourself.

Personally, I love make-up!

Make-up is fun and does boost confidence and self esteem temporarily.  You know what’s excessive to you and what’s just enough.  All of this is true, but it’s also true that if you put on that make up and it looks nothing like your natural beauty, you’re hiding your authentic self.  And I know some people wish they could have a natural beauty like yours!

It’s also true that if you take off your make-up and feel your self esteem drop, feel embarrassed or less than beautiful, then there’s poor body image and low esteem under those layers.

I know what it’s like to want to cover up your physical flaws.  So let me tell you, if no one or not even yourself has said this to you today, You are beautiful just the way you are!!!  Your nose, your cheeks your eyes, your lips are just as they ought to be because you are you.

When you notice your natural beauty, those who matter, do too!  Don’t deprive the world of you.

The next time you look in the mirror, ask your highest self, your inner wisdom, your spirit, what do you see?