Spiritual-CleaningWhen most people think of Spring cleaning, they often think of dusting, mopping and changing the curtains.  Maybe you’re thinking that it’s finally time to tend to parts of your home that went a little neglected since the Winter.  It’s easy to see that it’s time for a change.  It’s time to change the things that no longer reflect the season.  In much the same way, I picture clearing the mind and spirit.

When I think of Spring, I think of brighter softer colors; greens and blues, pinks and yellows.  You can see those colors everywhere during Spring time.  After reading this, you may even notice the tiny green buds appearing on trees even more.  You may start to notice the yellow and pink tulips that seem to blossom everywhere.  But most of all, you’ll notice the whole sky seems bluer and brighter as our days grow longer.  It’s when I notice those things that I can feel Spring’s effect on nature.  When you notice it as well, it’s so easy to feel your own urge to change and blossom begin to grow.

It’s in nature and our nature to feel Spring’s persuasion to refresh our homes and our lives!

When we clean, we instantly see and feel change.  To experience a spiritual and deeper level of change, reconnect with your spirit and subconscious mind.  Follow these steps for a deeper Spring Cleaning!

1. Imagine the Perfect Spring Day

Close your eyes, connect your spirit and place yourself in your perfect spring day.  What do you see?  What colors or patterns show up?  What are the smells in the air that make this such a perfect day?  What are the sounds?  Do you hear birds or the breeze?  What lightens your spirit?

tulips Spring Basket

Imagine having a basket that can hold anything.  Before opening your eyes, fill your basket with the colors, the smell of grass, berries, the sound of birds, the spinning pinwheel, even the ripples on the pond.  Now as you open your eyes, you can start to know how these things can fit into your physical home.


  • Create or buy a water fountain for the sound of a babbling creek
  • Play bird songs from music apps or nature albums
  • open your windows to let the breeze in
  • Plant a small garden indoors or keep fresh flowers around
  • Burn oils or soy candles that smell like nature or Spring fruits

2. Clean Out Old Energy in the Home

This process also involves visualization and connecting to your subconscious mind.  Travel room to room, placing your hands on or near an object that you are drawn to.  Focus on that object or area and notice the feelings and thoughts that arise.

Notice if the feeling is similar to the feeling of your perfect Spring day.  Notice any words or darkness.  Change or store away anything that feels draining, heavy, or simply not right for Spring.  Replace what was removed with an uplifting object or natural scent.


  • Store things that feel weighed down like Winter clothes in a drawer
  • Change the color of areas that feel dark by repainting or adding bright fabric or items
  • Get rid of stagnant energy by discarding old and unused objects
  • Clean with essential oils lavender, orange, tea tree & lemon along with castile soap
  • Smudge with white sage

3. Spring Cleaning the Mind

It’s so important to align our inner world with our outter world in a positive way.  Meaning,  it can be so much harder to enjoy the positive changes that you make outwardly when inwardly, you don’t feel as new and refreshed.  It’s more difficult to enjoy things like cleaning up, repainting or even getting a new job when you haven’t given the same attention to cleaning the mind.  That’s true the other way around as well.

Imagine going to an amazing spiritual retreat and coming home to a kitchen full of flies. 😛 Gross!!!  Imagine cleaning your kitchen, but standing there feeling sad and alone. :(  But imagine what it will feel like when you decide to do a Spring cleaning on the inside as well as on the outside!

lotus pondTo lift and open your spirit, it’s important to emerge from the pile of mud and trash that’s been a burden.   Like a lotus blossoming from the muddy bottom of a pond, you can break through the negativity that covers you.


For a guided Inner Cleaning Click here to learn more!

Finally, ask your spirit, your inner wisdom, your highest self, what do you want to feel this Spring?