Inner Cleaning Private Workshop

Inner-Cleaning-ShopCost: $80

This private workshop, just For Women, is One on One directly with me, made to help you Clean up your Inner World!

You’ll have my undivided attention, in this quick cleanse, as I guide you in clearing mental and emotional clutter.

This workshop is designed to leave you feeling as refreshed and cleansed on the inside as you would if you did a deep home cleaning!

This private workshop will encourage you to visualize your mind and feelings as though they are your home.  And let’s be honest, that is home.  So let’s get it cleared up together!

Being certified in Neo Ericksonian Hypnosis and a certified NLP Coach, I am prepared to guide you in this deep process and excited to help you bring in the fresh air of new perspectives!

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How it works:

Duration: 1 hr-1 1/2 hrs

Takes place: Via phone or In Person (If you live near or in Manhattan)

During the session, consciously and subconsciously, we will begin to :

  • Clean out old junk( old ways of thinking/feeling) that doesn’t work anymore
  • Reorganize by highlighting what is working
  • Use hypnotic meditation to restore lasting brightness

 A preparation worksheet is included and emailed after purchase. 

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