Magical-affirmationsEach time Autumn rolls around, I start to get that familiar draw towards the more mystical and magical things in this world.  I think a lot of us are drawn to the idea of magic and are mesmerized by the power it can hold.  Who doesn’t want the ability to wave a magic wand and create their wildest dreams?  I suspect that much of the allure of magic is wanting to have some control in our lives and the desire to create our own happiness.  Maybe there are other motivations, like wanting to impress or amaze others.  But often, finding or creating magic in our lives is about wanting more; more than the norm.  Affirmations are key to creating this sense of magical living.

It seems a bit far fetched and some will even say “it’s crazy” to believe that you can create magical experiences in your life just by repeating an affirmation.  Some will even go as far as saying this is a form of self brain washing.  Plainly, using affirmations is a form of thought control.  However, not nearly as negative as self brainwashing makes it sound.  It’s a simple fact that you are always truly in control of your own thoughts.  Some things like ads may condition us to choose specific thoughts, but ultimately we choose those thoughts.  So why not condition your self into thinking positive thoughts, even magical ones?

Perhaps it does make sense that magical thoughts can create magical lives.  In my opinion, you’re not being foolish, gullible, or child like to hope that the positive thoughts you create will create positive things in your life.  If it’s true that our thoughts create our worlds, more or less, then perhaps our magical thoughts can create our very own magical worlds.  To an extent of course.  Some things may never become a reality, like having a best friend mermaid. :)

But what is possible?

Beyond a doubt, your thoughts do create how you feel.  How you feel affects how you live and respond to the world.  Thus, your behavior/actions touches other lives.  In essence your thoughts are potentially far reaching and very powerful.  This month, let’s test that power and witness how far we can really reach!

What’s the harm really?  Perhaps you’ll experience doubt, disappointment or maybe you’ll experience something amazing and magical!

I’m not talking about affirmations that combine repetitively verbalizing affirmations along with taking actions to see results.  Like the affirmation” I now have a great job that makes me lots of money.”  This might be an affirmation that if combined with the action of submitting your resume and looking for a better job, will have better results than only saying the affirmation.  But I’m talking about magical affirmations that happen regardless of the actions you combine with positive thinking.

Can we simply repeat a thought over and over, continuously and see it magically appear in our lives simply because you put a request out to the Universe?  Much like prayer and wishing on a star, dandelions or birthday candles, this is guided by faith.  It’s an acknowledgement and belief in the power of our connection to the Universe and its response to the energy we create.

Does the positive energy we create with our thoughts and words have an effect on whatever energy is flowing through and guiding us?

I suppose it would be easier to first believe that some kind of energy is coursing through us and creating our existence.  In the physical sense, there is some vibrational energy moving our atoms and giving us our very form.  Is there more to this?  I think that there is more and those of us who practice affirmations attempt to tap into higher powered energy.

Since Autumn is a time of wonder and believing in the beyond, it seems fitting to try out our very own magical affirmations.

Here are my Simple Steps for Creating a Magical Life with Affirmations

  • For the entire month, to avoid spreading your energy thin, choose 1 or 2 affirmations to think and say aloud everyday, several times a day. 
  • Speaking your affirmation is literally vibrating waves in your world.  Choose an affirmation that is spoken in the present tense as though it already exists. 
  • Allow the subject of the affirmation to be one that you truly desire, but may be a little out of your control.
  • Make sure this affirmation feels magical or would bring a magical feeling into your life
  • See it and feel it as though it is already real or true. 

Here are five examples:

Everywhere I look, I see acts of kindness/butterflies/feathers …

I’m in a wildly passionate relationship with someone who adores me.

People are enchanted by me and seek my attention.

Wonderful things fall into place for me unexpectedly all the time.

Adventurous opportunities present themselves to me.

Remember, doubt is also an affirmation and can cancel out your positive magical affirmation.  If the Universe is listening to your positive affirmation, it also hears your negative ones.  If you find those negative thoughts creeping up, mark it down.  Make note of it or simply acknowledge it and let it pass.  But immediately repeat your positive magical affirmation twice as much.

Affirmations take time.  But this season is a magical time and I hope it sends your affirmations on cinnamon and patchouli scented winds soon.

And remember to ask your highest self, your spirit, and the Universe, are miracles possible for me?  My spirit says, ” You know it is.  Life is here for you.”

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