There’s something special about starting out the day on the right foot.  Starting fresh and positive is a step away from the usual busy, hazy, sometimes frantic mood that mornings tend to have.  So when the morning starts out with joy and energy, it’s a fantastic break from the norm!  But what’s even better is when that peaceful/energized feeling IS the norm.  Rituals can create happy habits.  And a morning ritual is one you can try every day.

Mornings and life in general can be complicated enough, let’s keep it Simple!  

You don’t have to follow the order here or even do them all.  Choosing just a few of these can create an uplifting morning ritual that’s perfect for you!

Simple Good Morning Ritual

  • Awake to an alarm that is set to your favorite music or ambient sound.
  • Open your window and take a quiet moment to breathe in the morning air.
  • Do 10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Sit Ups, 10 Push Ups before bathing.
  • Stretch your body and give yourself a good hug.
  • Drink a glass of water with lemon juice before entering the shower or starting your day.
  • As you shower, say to yourself, “I’m washing away yesterday.” ” I’m cleansing myself of all the thoughts that hold me back.” ” My mind is clean and fresh for the new day ahead.”
  • While you brush your teeth, notice your smile or make silly faces and have fun with yourself.
  • Eat one fruit and inwardly be proud of your step towards health.
  • Before you leave or start your day, look in a mirror and say ” I love you no matter what!  I’m here for you today!”
  • Repeat an empowering affirmation during your commute or meditate(just not while driving ;D).
  • *Bonus* Create a vision board and focus on it for a few moments every morning.

Relax, Enjoy your Morning and Remember, Tomorrow is a New Day!

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