Every New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day we find ourselves writing down a resolution or hoping for the best.  It’s a wonderful idea and charged with good energy.  We have this fresh start, kind of like a redo button for the next year.  For many of us, it’ll be exactly that and for the first few hours, few days (or if you’re really awesome), the first month, our resolutions will shine brightly.  For that short lived period, life feels anew and positive change seems sustainable.

Well, you may have guessed it,  a huuuuge BUT hangs in the air.  Now don’t let that turn you away.  I promise this gets optimistic soon! :)
I am not one to pour cold water on someone’s dreams and aspirations.  Not at all!  I think it’s wonderful for you to envision yourself at your best and take the small steps or large leaps towards your dream.  Absolutely!  Furthermore, I know very well how it feels to have dreams doubted, judged and dismissed to death.

BUT, yes and here it is, realistically many of us will not keep our New Year’s resolution throughout the year.  I have a feeling that is why it’s so exciting and promising to make your resolution again and again each year.  Because you get a second chance!

You’ve grown, whatever needed to happen, happened and you are ready!  This is your year!

 I’m with you and that’s why I’m committed to making the best of this New Year with you.  And the best way to be successful is to:

  • Know what you want
  • Know what’s needed to get what you want
  • Have what’s necessary
  • Build a foundation of faith
  • Be realistic about the potential pitfalls 


  • Have a back up plan

At this point I hope you’ve figured out the first few steps!   I’ve found each of these steps to be very vital to advancing towards any goal.

Since New Year’s is just kicking off, you’ll likely want to start right away.  So I want to help guide you through the last few steps.

Briefly think to yourself, what may be some setbacks?   What usually stops you from seeing through your New Year’s resolution?  

Let’s just say it folks, realistically, you might just give up on whatever it is for whatever reason. :/  And there’s no reason to avoid preparing for it.  But along the way, the expectations to stay committed may build pressure and ultimately a bit of guilt.

That’s exactly why I decided to create a fall back plan.  We want to be successful in the New Year and this is how we can be!

The New Year’s Resolution Back Up Plan is a Simple Step towards a much happier and all around positive New Year.  The intention behind it is to create a year that is more loving, giving and more positive all around.  It’s a great opportunity to make an even bigger impact.


I hope following this New Year’s back up plan eases any guilt that may arise, is a stand in if you didn’t have a resolution in mind and helps you discover your highest self.  Happy New Year Simply Steppers!