One on One Support Sessions

Support-Sessions-NewFree 15-20 mins Consultation: Call (646) 858-0378

Cost: $85 – 1 Hr. Private Session

One on One Support Sessions are for Women who want support and are ready for positive change in their lives.

What I offer is a uniquely comforting type of support.

My sessions with you are about tapping into your inner resources to cultivate deep lasting inner growth, healing, and peace of mind.  

Unlike therapy, my aim is to create clarity, understanding and peace with NLP and Hypnosis (Learn more here). Rather than focusing on what’s not working and getting diagnosed, we will focus on using your conscious and subconscious mind to shift your thinking and behavior in a positive direction.

As a Spiritual and emotional guide, I will help you create blossoming self love, realize your full potential and guide you towards reconnecting with your highest self.

Set up a Free Consulation

The purpose of this consultation will be to briefly help me understand what you’d like help with and to describe how my services can help you.  *The consultation is not for quick advice or answering questions.  Click here for my Quick Life Guidance service.*

How it Works:

Call (646) 858-0378 for your free consultation or Fill out the form below and I will contact you.

Sessions take place:  In Person (Manhattan, NY), Via Phone, and Skype

Duration: 1hr

 Clients who may benefit:

  • Experience Anxiety/Stress
  • Suffer with Poor Body image/Low Self esteem
  • Overwhelmed by Negative Thought Patterns/Behaviors
  • Experience Worry/ Doubts
  • Need Help Moving Forward in Life
  • Feel Emotionally Wounded
Potential Outcomes after Sessions:

  • Feeling Like a Weight is Lifted
  • Higher Self Esteem/Improved Body Image
  • Feeling Capable and Confident
  • Finally Able to Relax and Breathe Easier
  • Have a More Positive Perspective
  • Feel Connected to Higher Inner Self


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Melissa G. –  Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Emotional Supportive Guide


Let’s Take Simple Steps Towards Healing