One on One Supportive Sessions

I offer Low Cost, Affordable Emotional and Spiritual guidance in one hour long One on One Supportive Sessions for women.  Because I am Certified in Neo-Ericksonion Hypnosis and am a Certified NLP practitioner, one on one sessions can also offer hypnosis and cooperative mental reprogramming for inner well being.

The aim of these Supportive Sessions is not to diagnose, but to cultivate inner love and growth due to the shedding of negative behaviors, thoughts and feelings.  Let’s work together to reconnect with your highest self and realize your full potential.

Call Melissa from Simply Stepping : (646)858-0378 for more information about Cost and Discounts

 Clients who may benefit:

  • Experience Anxiety/Stress
  • Suffer with Poor Body image/Low Self esteem
  • Overwhelmed by Negative Thought Patterns/Behaviors
  • Experience Worry/ Doubts
  • Need Help Moving Forward in Life
  • Feel Emotionally Wounded
Potential Outcomes after Sessions:

  • Leave Feeling a Weight Lifted
  • Higher Self Esteem/Improved Body Image
  • Feeling Capable and Confident
  • Finally Able to Relax and Breathe Easier
  • Have a More Positive Perspective
  • Feel Connected to Higher Inner Self

Sessions take place in Person (Manhattan, NY), Via Phone, and Skype

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Melissa G. –  Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Emotional Supportive Guide