self-love-heartI think we all could use a lot more self love!  It’s so important to be kind to yourself because you will be with yourself every minute and hour of the day for the rest of your life.  That’s pretty obvious, but think about what that really means.

Imagine just how miserable life would be if you were stuck with someone who didn’t love you.  Now imagine that they are with you every waking moment.  What a nightmare that would be! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that they supported your dreams, cared about your health, made you feel beautiful and important?  And because they’re with you all the time, you were surrounded by their love.  Well this is exactly what you can give to yourself!

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When I think of what self love is, I think of what it means to love and nurture my mind, body and soul.   I ask myself, ” How can I nurture who I am at my core?”  I wonder, “Am I really being loving to my body, my mind, and my spirit?”

Sadly, often the answer is no. :(

The truth is, this is hard for people who are still running a self loathing program in their minds.  And let’s be honest, the world would be a totally different place if it was easy to balance loving ourselves in mind, body and soul at all times.  It would awesome!

Unfortunately, to make things harder, we aren’t always aware that we’re not loving ourselves.

Have you ever thought unkind things about yourself or even did something that wasn’t the best choice for your body?  That extra cigarette or thought about how badly you look probably didn’t do you any wonders.  Or maybe you didn’t realize that you couldn’t nurture the best in you by giving yourself permission to treat others unfairly or spitefully.

I’ve found that it takes a great amount of positive energy to combat the negativity that can pile on top of who we really are.  Creating self love, creates that energy you need to dig yourself out from underneath the piled up sludge of fear, anxiety, self hate, bitterness…

It’s pretty powerful and sometimes can be confusing for people to understand.  To clarify, self love isn’t vanity or superiority.   Self love isn’t about being selfish.  Oh, and it’s definitely not about physically pleasuring yourself.  At least that’s not what I’m talking about. (You’d be surprised how many people think that’s what loving your self means. :P)

Self love is often about nurturing the best within you and loving who you really are underneath it all, despite any perceived flaws.

If you’re not sure if you could use more self love in your life, the affirmations below will help reveal the truth.  The more untrue and uncomfortable these affirmations are to you, the more likely it is that they’re important and can change your life.

Self love affirmations are a simple step in a positive direction.  It is a beginning to reprogramming negative unloving thoughts.  And it’s simply stepping towards unburdening yourself from those thoughts and actions/inactions that weigh you down.


Try my Self Love Affirmations below or Click Here to reach out to me today and we can begin naturally reprogramming your mind for self love.