Deserving-Sex-lifeI firmly believe in finding and creating balance in our lives.  We balance our jobs, our health, our responsibilities and even our dreams, but often there is something overlooked…our Sexuality!  How we feel or want to feel sexually is usually prioritized last.  I think it’s interesting that people with very high libidos are likely prioritizing sex pretty close to the top of the list of To Do’s.  And it might just be a hunch, but they may be having the hot, satisfying, sexy time you’re fantasizing about.  So, could it be that if you place gratifying your sexual needs at the top of your list, you’ll find that you’re getting that blazing hot sex life you desire and deserve?!  Perhaps.  Why not find out?

Satisfying that sexual thirst is not only about communicating your need for it, but it’s primarily about ACTION.  Literally!  So once you’ve found that lucky willing partner, after you’ve communicated to them in some way that you’re interested in more, please do give yourself total permission to indulge in every naughty way you can think of!

Why give yourself permission?  Because so often we simply don’t.  We find reasons to stop ourselves from enjoying our sexual sides.  You put too much pressure on yourself to experience sex in a certain way or you may have expectations.   You give yourself permission to be lazy or too tired instead.  Or you allow a stream of negative thoughts and worries to crowd your mind so much that there’s no room for enjoyment.  So please, give yourself permission to see sexual indulgence as one of the ways to to achieve positive self care and balance in your life.

One of the most transcending experiences we can achieve as human beings is to embrace that we are sexual beings and share that connection with someone worthy of us.  It goes beyond words, beyond the energy we normally channel, and beyond description! If you’re so lucky! 😉

When you’ve found someone you feel safe and comfortable with, try the suggestions from the guide below.  Take your time or not. 😉  But truly savor the feelings, sounds, goosebumps, heat, and pleasure of it all.  Allow your mind to focus on the specific and overall gratifying moments and you Will have the Hottest Sex Life!

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