rubble sproutStarting over or starting fresh can feel overwhelming and well, a little scary.  It’s easy to doubt that you can refresh your life, especially if your focus is on past failures.  Sometimes they actually aren’t all failures.  Rather they are endings or incomplete stories.

Many of us have tragic or simply difficult experiences that we wish could be relieved.  For you, it may be an end of a relationship, a loved one’s passing, losing a job or home, or never getting around to making a life goal come true.  Whatever it may be, focusing on how badly it makes you feel is holding you back from experiencing a fully joyful life.  Isn’t your happiness worth starting over or starting fresh.

What does starting over or starting new really mean?

It means keeping and growing the energy that you have now in order to move beyond the feelings that are holding you in a state of negativity or sadness.  It means accepting and leaving the past in the past in order to get the happiness you want.

If you’ve ever had a dream that you’ve wanted to pursue or are pursuing it, but you’re finding  that momentum is starting to fade, you’ll understand how important getting back that energy is.

However, we don’t always realize the benefit of  starting over or starting new because we’re already  stuck.

You may be the kind of person who trudges through mud because well, it’s stormy out and what else can you do?  In other words, maybe you’re the kind of person who is used to settling into a bit of gloom in your life because that’s the norm for you.  Or maybe that’s what’s expected.

It can be hard to keep going when things get difficult and feel almost impossible to make any progress.  To make matters worse, you may not even be sure if you want to keep pushing forward.  I understand!

It would be all too easy to advise the usual and tell you to just keep going no matter what.  So let’s try a slight detour on a difficult path.

No matter what you’re going through or how hard it is to take the next step, it’s time to give yourself a break!

It sounds simple.  And I’m hoping that you realize that it can be as simple as giving your mind a break.  If stress is overwhelming and starting over doesn’t seem possible/necessary, then you’ve overlooked something.  That something is your potential for peace of mind.  And it manifests exactly in the moment that you give yourself permission to break the chain of negative or doubtful thinking.  This is the break that we all need.

Here are a few Simple Steps to try:

Take a Step Towards Closure

Closure is helpful for the accepting the end of things like relationships, but it can also help to accept the end of a cycle.  Finding closure can help you move forward from a period of time spent on grieving, wasted time at a job going nowhere, or even a period of time filled with worry and stress.

Write a short letter dedicated to the difficult past or situation that you want to keep behind you.  Write down what you’ve learned.  Then, write down what you’re thankful for about this difficult situation.  Most of all write down a goodbye because you’re choosing now to move beyond that in order to start fresh.

Do Something Symbolic


Each of these is a symbolic gesture, an action to take when you decide that you are ready to step forward in your life.  The worst part about starting fresh or moving forward is feeling stuck in a negative or depressed state of mind.  And one of the best ways to get unstuck is to take action.  Choose one or more of the actions above to signal to your mind that you are ready and committed to start a new stage.

Time Line Highlighting

The purpose of this exercise is to give your subconscious mind a break and permission to start new.  This is a visualization technique I created to help you shift your focus towards the present moment and the future.  It’s a part of letting go before you start over.  If you’d like to experience this simple technique, Click Here to set up a session with me today!

Giving your self permission to start fresh is as simple as realizing that it is the first day of your next phase.  Most importantly, when you give yourself this permission, you will find more contentment and success.  Because you realize that your happiness is worth it to allow yourself to start new.

If you still feel anxiety, self doubt, or simple gloom at this point, ask your spirit a question.  “What can I do to give my self the energy that I need to start fresh?”  Mine says, “Take your time, be gentle with yourself.  Sometimes the smallest actions can create the biggest change.”