Stress-journalStress relief is wished for and pursued by people all over the world.  This is because stress does not discriminate.  You can be someone with a lot of wealth who doesn’t experience the stress of living in poverty, yet you still seek stress relief.  Or you can be someone who’s very young, but you already seem to know all about stress.  Regardless of your odds of experiencing stress, it seems to appear eventually.

Are stressful situations lessons?  Do they shape who we are or what our lives become?  Does stress reveal patterns and opportunities that can potentially help us learn more about what can bring us joy?

We feel stress about money, the state of the world, our love lives, our dreams, our health… The list can go on and on.  For the next 30 days, instead of listing what causes you stress, write your way to stress relief.  It will be as simple as spending a few minutes a day focused on the positive.  Give yourself the gift of quiet and self reflection by journaling about your path towards stress relief.


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