Spiritual-Thanksgiving-ThoughtsIt’s almost the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeaaaar.  But first we get together, stuff our faces, try to forget about the scale and pray that family drama/stress won’t make an appearance this Thanksgiving.

Oh the joy, can we just skip to the turkey so our mouths are too full to get us in trouble?  Is there a way that we can eat together, give thanks and NOT have to talk about our issues, forgive & forget or sit in awkward silence???  Is it possible to experience a spiritually uplifting celebration when so much family drama, potential cooking disasters, and holiday anxiety awaits us?

Oh, I’m sure for some families, Thanksgiving with the loved ones is like year round pumpkin pie.  Why not?  Some families truly get along, are supportive, and are a source of joy and belonging.  And to those people I say, can I please be a part of your family or at least get an invite to dinner?

But for the rest of us done with dreaming about the perfect Hallmark get together, what do we do when skipping Thanksgiving isn’t really an option?  Perhaps it is an option, but this time, maybe you’re feeling a bit brave and optimistic this year; it’s family, it’s worth it …right?

If you’re thinking about what side dish will go best with dysfunctional family or you’re getting a little nervous about the big Thanksgiving get together, this article is just for you!

I know that we can all relate to feeling like things can get a bit out of control on Thanksgiving and because you know that, you can also feel comforted knowing that you are not alone in this.  I know that you’re curious and maybe a little anxious learning that you can trust that you will handle this Thanksgiving with peace inside of you.

 Because as a spiritual being you can probably sense that this time of year can either sap you of or fill you with energy.  And it’s natural for you to care about protecting your emotional state around the Holiday Season.

If you’ve been Simply Stepping with me in One on One Support Sessions or just happened to find an uplifting article on simplystepping.com before, you know how important self care is.

So if the Turkey burns, or if someone gets a little out of control drunk, or if family conversation turns from turkey to triggering you, here is something you actually have control of.

Your thoughts! Yes, plain and simple.  But maybe not so simple when you reflect on what you actually say to yourself during stressful times.  Think about it, is it easier around this time of year to think, this or that was ruined or to think, I accept myself and welcome warmer family gatherings?

Your thoughts are affirmations; either affirming the good or the bad in your life.  You know you don’t have to believe in the positive transforming power of affirmations.  You can just repeat them and let the power of your thoughts surprise you!  The more you say these affirmations below, the more you may find it hard to not think of these affirmations when you need them this Thanksgiving!

These work in subtle ways to invite an atmosphere that is more warm, supportive and accepting.  Or at least, they will encourage you to find an experience that matches these spiritually uplifting thoughts, even if it is away from your family for a private moment alone.

If you like these affirmations, find More Here  or Work with me one on one to Support you during the Holidays!

Here are my 5 Favorite Spiritual Thoughts for a Stress Free Thanksgiving!