Tis the Season for Holiday gift giving!  The holidays are about so much more than tearing open presents and going on a crazy shopping spree in crowded malls.  But sometimes there’s nothing more heartwarming than receiving a gift around this time of year.  It makes us feel loved and welcomed into the spirit of things.  It’s easy to feel thought of and cared for when we get a gift from a loved one.  But sometimes those gifts aren’t as special or tailored to us as we’d hoped.  Giving loved ones spiritual gifts is like giving them the opportunity to bring positive change into their lives that goes beyond let’s say getting a sweater. :)

Spiritual gifts can be anything that elevate the spirit, promote inner growth, or helps create a lifestyle that leans towards cultivating spirituality.  Sure a bottle of wine, delicious treat or gift card to your favorite store might lift your spirits.  But you know what I mean!  Spiritual gifts nurture the core of who you are or in this scenario, who you’re friends and loved ones are this Season.

Much like the Jelly of the Month Club, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” 😀  So this Holiday Season, if you know someone who’s had a hard year, someone who seems a little lost, or someone who is just a mystical hippie at heart, surprise them with these spiritual gifts.

(I’m sort of an Amazon addict so all of the links below are affiliate links. I’ve checked and made sure that all of these are well rated and have 4-5 Stars. Enjoy!)

16 Spiritual Gifts for the Holidays



Known for purifying the home and health benefits like insomnia and anxiety relief, great gift for the health conscious spirit.


A beautiful piece of jewelry for people with spirits that are attracted to Purifying Crystals and Gems.


Comes in 4 Gorgeous different styles with a gift bag for your more spiritual loved ones looking to focus on prayer and meditation.


The most famous and my most favorite meditation enhancing incense. Great for beginners or experts connecting to their souls with ritual scents.


High end Meditation pillows made for spiritually minded but comfort focused folks.


A more affordable option for those who want to meditate and avoid discomfort on a budget.


Wonderfully comfortable yoga mat for the spirit that loves to connect through the body.


Cleanse your home of negative energy and start new! Great for people with heavy spirits that need to de-stress and clear away negativity.


Bring a little magic into their lives. Great gift for people who love to be in touch with nature and have whimsical spirits.


Earthing is known to reduce anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and inflammation. For nature spirits wanting to feel physically grounded to the Earth and love sleep.


Used by Chiro Pros to provide deeper pain relief and negative ion therapy, great for holistic spirits who need a detox from electronic overload.


Allow your mind to be transported to another place while in deep relaxation. Great for those who want an audio spiritual experience.


This book is fun, simple, yet insightful about balancing all aspects of your life. This one is great for someone seeking inner harmony/balance.


Oracle Cards offer everyday guidance and will help you connect to your native spirit.


Learn to warm your kitchen and your soul with spiritual teachings and recipes. Spiritually awaken the taste buds of your more cooking inclined loved ones.


Brighten up one of the most relaxing rooms of your home! This adorable gift is for the fun loving free spirits.

Enjoy your Holiday! And remember to reach out to me for one on one guidance and support if the Holidays or just life in general gets a bit stressful! Click here to set up a session.