So many of you are simply waiting for the “right” time to get things started.  You may think, when X falls into place then I can do Y.  Unfortunately, this often leads to never realizing or manifesting what you really want or need in life.

I know all about procrastination.

I know what it means to wait for the perfect timing and never really feel ready.  Opportunities pass you by and you may never have even realized that they were there.

Fear, anxiety and laziness are usually behind procrastination.

But knowing why we hold ourselves back isn’t enough to create the change we need.  Why not take a cue from nature.  It’s always cycling and transforming.  And its change has a wondrous power we all feel.

This Autumn, when the leaves fall, the trees will have waited for just the right circumstances to cycle through their lives.  There’s a certain balance to nature, just as there is to our own lives.  Unfortunately for us, our lives are not as predictable as the changing of the seasons.
However, even in nature we will occasionally feel a heatwave in Autumn or witness a hailstorm in the desert.  Our lives often mirror this unpredictable and out of control nature.

Sometimes the right circumstances or “the right time” never seem to appear, despite all the planning and waiting you’ve done.  Things don’t always align the way we’d like them to or they take much longer to fall into place than we had hoped.  So imagine all the things that you’ve put off having or doing simply because it wasn’t “the right time”.

The timing may not be right…yet, but we can not always stand still and hope that our lives will move forward.  Perhaps there is some power and transformation taking place within us even when we’re in our most dormant states.  (Again, there’s that notion of balance in nature; the idea that there is power in both activity and inactivity.)  But just like the dormant trees are triggered to transform by the changing of the seasons, so too must we experience that spark.

Procrastination is an avoidance of that spark.

At the core of www.simplystepping.com is the acknowledgment that even taking a tiny small simple step in a positive direction is advancement upon your path.  That is the essence of simply stepping. 

You do not need to leap into the next big phase of your life.  You do not need to know exactly where your life is taking you before you start heading there.  And it isn’t necessary to wait for just “the right time” to accomplish what you want.  Why?  Because in the big picture, life is not in your control, so how can you know for certain when and where it’s going to take you?  All the planning or waiting that you’re doing, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in control of what the Universe/fate/God/life has in store for you.

All you can do, is take simple steps in the direction you want it to go in.

But just like the Autumn trees that know timing is important, they don’t wait forever!  And neither can you!!

What can you do now?

Now is the time to turn over your new leaf!  That means getting creative and flexible, opening yourself up to a triggering event, and letting what’s not working fall away.


Turning Over a New Leaf to End Procrastination

  1. Grab a piece of paper of whatever size you choose and cut out a leaf shape large enough to write on.
  2. Think of the change you wish could happen, but you are putting off working towards.
  3. On one side of your leaf, write down what it is that you’re waiting for or what has to fall into place until you take the next step forward.
  4. At the bottom of the leaf place a specific date.  Choose a realistic date, one that isn’t over 5 years in the future.  If this is something you’ve really wanted, but you’ve put off for over  1-3 yrs, choose a date within the next year. This date is your triggering event.
  5. On the other side of the leaf write, ” I am done waiting for_______!” Fill in whatever it is that’s been holding you back.  For example, ” I am done waiting for an offer from a new job before I leave this one!”  This will be your time to let that habit of waiting fall away.
  6. Beneath that statement write, ” I can still have what I want by being flexible.  Instead of waiting, I will _____.”

Here are some examples of what you can pursue instead, while letting go of your old goal to turn over a new leaf.

Original Procrastination                                   New Leaf

Finding perfect job replacement                          Pursuing any other job/ saving up to quit

Going back to College                                             Pursue a career path that doesn’t require College

Writing a book/ screenplay                                   Doing something else that’s creative

Having a baby in perfect circumstances             Have one anyway/ Freeze your eggs

Quitting smoking/drinking                                   Trying new healthy habits

Being totally organized                                           Keeping one small area neat

Living my dream life                                               Try new things that can be fulfilling/create a new dream

7.  Or, create an entirely new goal by writing and completing this.  ” What I am truly lacking in my life right now is_______.   I will begin changing this by taking simple steps like _________.  This is my new leaf that I will turn over.

8. Place this leaf where you can see it each day.  If you’ve completed your original goal without procrastination… Yaaaaaay Go you!

However, if  you’ve reached that specific date at the bottom of the leaf and haven’t moved forward, it’s time to literally turn over your leaf.

Follow this process and create as many new leaves as necessary until something shifts within and finally transforms you and your path.

(Here’s a quick version below)


Ask your highest self, your inner guide, your spirit, how do I turn over a new leaf?  Listen…  My inner spirit says, “Like an Autumn tree, show patience.  Be open to miraculous change.”

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