Overwhelmed, embarrassed, out of control are feelings at this point, not words.  It’s painfully obvious to you.  Maybe so obvious, the whole world would know. (At least that’s what you may say to yourself.)  You’re having a panic attack or you’ve just had one.  But you will learn to relax and allow your panic to fade away.  Maybe you’ll notice it gone and be amazed at the power of your mind.  Because in the following article, I’m going to show you a few simple steps to help with panic.

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Is panic something you can turn on or off?  Is it something that’s triggered subconsciously, if so what can you do consciously?  Well if you can turn it on, surely the opposite is true.  But you don’t remember flipping the switch on, so how can you flip it off if you aren’t aware of how it was flipped on?  Where the hell is that switch anyway?!

Does it matter?  I want you to think about if it matters and wonder if,  you can calm your body even if you don’t have the answer.

If you’ve just had a panic attack or are having one now, you may have just enough energy to feel ashamed.  Or my might have enough time to judge your inability to stop the panic right away.  But know this, as of right now:

It does not matter why this is happening, where it’s happening or who’s to blame for it happening.  None of this is your priority right now. Right now, you can, think to yourself it’s time for me to help my body get through this.  It’s time to relax your body, because this feeling of being trapped by fear is coursing through you as fast as your heart can beat.  But at the same time you can, know that your adrenaline will ease off.  It can’t be sustained forever.

In the meantime, let’s help your body relax.


These are not cures for anxiety, but they are simple steps that allow adrenaline to run its course while you begin to relax, take back control, and move beyond the panic.  

What I found to be the hardest part of panic disorder, was managing the symptoms of fight or flight. The shaking, the pounding heart beat, the shortness of breath and so on.  But it will pass, and these steps will help you.  Because our bodies will get accustomed to responding to panic in the usual way,  until you replace the ways that didn’t work with ways that do work with panic.

If you are reading this, you are safe, I’m here for you, and you will get through this.  There is no shame when you are learning better ways to respond to anxiety.  And because you are learning, you know that you can be patient with yourself and your body.  Ask your highest self, your inner wisdom, your spirit, what does it know about your ability to heal?

*If you need one on one guidance practicing these solutions or learning more ways to heal anxiety, Schedule a session with me.*